LA based producer Jaja Bu’s manages to balance elements of experimental R&B, wonky and electro with incredible grace in his mind bending single Sweetness.

 Despite being very easy to listen to the track is not simple to keep up with. Bu gets an immense amount done in such a short space of time. In the intro and opening verses of the song many listeners will get flashbacks to XXYYXX’s debut album but not soon after the pre-chorus features a vocal sample that sounds beautifully inspired by FKA Twigs’ Video Girl, this is of course before the song takes another turn with the production under the sung refrain sounding almost Flume-esque. Sweetness is a track that really keeps you guessing yet somehow also manages to answer every question it poses immaculately. How Jaja Bu holds everything going on in the track together should be celebrated and I cannot wait for whatever he has next in store for listeners.