Crack in the Road

With all the talk surrounding Kanye West’s decision to refer to himself as a God and Gucci Mane’s rapid descent into insanity, it’s almost, although not quite, possible to forget about the master of urban misguided-ness (that’s not actually a word, but who’s gonna stop me? You?); R.


It’s been a long and lonely time since the Prince of Pillowtalk dropped his last album, well, about a year, but, in my book, that’s too lengthy. ‘Genius’ is the latest track that the Sultan of Sensuality has dropped from his upcoming album, Black Panties, and it doesn’t disappoint.

Did I hear anyone say smooth jam? ‘Genius’ has that. Want some “uhs” that sit halfway between sexy and stalker? The Viceroy of Voluptuousness has you covered. Weird metaphors about being a sex genius? All over that like butter on toast. If R. Kelly is butter and your girlfriend is toast.