Crack in the Road

With Yoni Wolf’s solo rap tour starting in Arizona today he has released Old Dope, a rap tape featuring some of the finest versification to spill from the artist’s mouth.

Stream it below.

Stand out tracks: Rappin 4 Money, Jimmy Breeze, Well Water Black (Onyz Coudz Mix), Ghost Dream

Old Dope features reimagined tracks from Yoni Wolf’s current band WHY?, the experimental hiphop group cLOUDEAD and even his early noughtie collaborations with Odd Nosdam as Reaching Quiet.

Despite the slight absurdity of hearing Wolf’s inimitable voice juxtaposed with Mobb Deep and Pharcyde, Old Dope does exactly what its title suggests. The mixtape makes old sounds feel new. Seriously, it’s pretty incredible, especially if you missed some of the amazing lines from cLOUDDEAD and Reaching Quiet the first time around.

Find a list of American tour dates with auspicious wordsmith Serengeti below, or catch up on the latest from Yoni over on Twitter.

May 6—Pubrock—Scottsdale, Arizona  
May 7—Solar Culture—Tucson, Arizona  
May 8—Che Café—La Jolla, California 
May 9—The Glass House—Pomona, California  
May 10—Echo—Los Angeles, California  
May 15—Bottom Of The Hill—Los Angeles, California  
May 17—Crepe Place—Santa Cruz, California

 Featured image is a screengrab from Wedothisnow’s video of Yoni performing White English as an acapella which you can watch here