Crack in the Road

Scheduled to drop yesterday, but pushed back due to “technical difficulties”, Kool A.D. and Kassa Overall have just put up their collaborative mixtape Peaceful Solutions. We all know Kool A.D. from his time with the transcendent Das Racist and his solo mixtapes, while Kassa Overall is a producer, rapper & drummer, who has put together tracks for the aforementioned group, as well TECLA.

Kass oversees production on a number of tracks, but other names that contribute beats include Busdriver, Keyboard Kid and Amaze 88. Peaceful Solutions finds Kool A.D. more focused than his last, sprawling release(s) and it’s interesting to hear him juxtaposed with Kassa Overall. The producer/rapper, when compared with Kool A.D., has a style that veers closer to “traditional” rap, but they both have the same irreverent humour.

In related news, according to Kool A.D.’s twitter account, the dates for his European tour are going to announced soon. Which is awesome.

You can download Peaceful Solutions from Bandcamp on a “name your price” system here and check out the video for the lead single from the mixtape, ‘Pleasance (WDGAF)’, below. Enjoy!