Crack in the Road

Just putting this out there, Kings of Convenience do nothing for me.

I’ve no problem with them, they just never clicked for me. Which is why I’m particularly happy to find one half of the duo, Erlend Øye (aka The Whitest Boy Alive, another no clicker) is seemingly turning his attention and clear talents to a new use, creating 70s Italo-pop pastiches.

La Prima Estate immediately sets itself up as firmly indebted to the works of that era, coming off as the soundtrack to every it’s-not-racist-it’s-just-a-bit-of-fun 70s comedy that ITV4 plays. The synth flute is delightfully weedy and the Italian lyrics successfully evoke the sentiment the track aims for – if incomprehensible to an ignorant like myself.

Sure, this isn’t going to top any of end of year lists, or going to set the blog-hype machine on fire, but these days that’s nicely refreshing. Coming at the end of July, it’s the perfect summer holiday track.

Shame it’s pissing it down.

By the way, answers on a postcard: what’s the name of that 80s detective series with an antique dealer in it that was seemingly always on reruns throughout my childhood? This sounds like a cut from that.

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