Being mysterious and enigmatic can be an extremely useful characteristic adopted by musicians these days in order to gain increased recognition.

However, with more and more artists embracing this approach, it’s becoming rather cliched and somewhat of a gimmick, yet this shouldn’t at all detract from the quality of the music. Canadian group Gobble Gobble have decided to undergo a name change, for reasons unknown, however with the new name; Born Gold they’ve adopted a slightly different musical approach. With a tumblr boasting a curious selection of images and only one track so far, it doesn’t seem like these guys are going to drop their equivocal ways any time soon.

The track in question, That Way is a slice of synth inspired heaven, fusing disco influences with an expert knowledge of sample based rhythms. The hazy vocals provoke memories of mid 00’s alternative pop, without the grating backing guitars and repetitive melodies. Check out Born Gold’s tumblr and download That Way below.

Born Gold – That Way