Let’s face it; everyone makes music these days. Hell, even I’ve been known to have an occasional jam session now and then. So it’s no surprise that amongst the scores of bedroom producers, it takes a truly inspired moment to leap out from the crowd, and this is exactly what this track from BITE MARKS does. Opening with a rather overly repetitive sample, it’s not until the languid vocals enter that the track begins to lurch elegantly into life.

The lo-fi undertones are strikingly coherent and effective, as the track twists between muffled vocals and violin like samples. There’s touches of Purity Ring and Waskerley Way on SWARM, yet there’s a feeling that BITE MARKS aims to mould a sound entirely their own, and which will hopefully be found on future tracks. Thanks to lost lost lost for the heads up!

BITE MARKS – SWARM by Lost Lost Lost