Crack in the Road

Bombay Bicycle Club make their return this September with their second album official “A Different Kind Of Fix” and the first single to be taken from it is a real beauty.

“Shuffle”, such an apt title, is a lovely slice of tropical uplifting pop. Rock guitars are jettisoned in favour of a more mellifluous, dexterous musical sound that immediately signals a subtle change in direction. Jack Steadman’s dreamy vocals float along on a rolling house piano groove that bores its way directly into your brain and proceeds to take camp there indefinitely. Sounding neither like the straight ahead guitar rock of their debut or the folk influenced acoustic diversions of last years “Flaws”, “Shuffle” is the refreshing sound of a UK indie band genuinely doing something progressive and interesting by moving their sound forward by concentrating not on mere esoteric experimentalism but melody drenched pop stormers. A tremendously exciting return.

Bombay Bicycle Club – Shuffle by Bombay Bicycle Club

Martyn Young