My most recent song obsession has been that of New Look‘s new song and altogether awesome video, “ the ballad“. The song is what it says on the packet. A beautiful eerie electro ballad which is altogether epic due to a repeating strange beat, slow base, faster high hat and the waving synth backing. This all coincides with her beautifully creamy voice which sings a slow melodic tune about love and how things aren’t always that hard. The film in question is by Will Davidson. When I looked for his past films not much music popped up, instead a steadily worsening fashion filmier, his work isn’t bad it’s just better now. The film is a lovely mix of projection of faces and shapes a car journey and a lot of smoke. The video speaks a lot better than I can do it justice.

“New Look: The Ballad” directed by Will Davidson from SWELL on Vimeo.