Crack in the Road

Following on from the widespread success of ‘Gay Pirates’, the impossibly talented Cosmo Jarvis is back with the second release from the forthcoming Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange?– ‘Sure As Hell Not Jesus’. Due for release on the 29th of May as part of a four-track EP, it shows off the variety in Cosmo’s sound as he embraces a summery, electric feel, whilst retaining the introspection and fragility that has gained him such an avid following already.

Both danceable and thought-provoking, the opening vocal juxtaposes the delicacy of the lyricism with the country twang of the banjo, before developing into a swaggering, bluesy chorus, showcasing the unique talent that Cosmo Jarvis is blessed with. There is a real depth to the track in comparison to past works, with the harmonised vocals and guitar solo signalling the continuing development of a true artist, in the broadest terms. From a huge range of influences- bluegrass to surfer pop to classic rock- Cosmo has created a perfect pop song, romping through themes of redemption and religion. There is a rich sound to the track, with the production both accounting for and balancing the wealth of instruments to create a luscious sounding song. In our generation of artificial creativity and contrived success, it is hugely refreshing to find an artist who is so infuriatingly gifted in each genre he turns his hand to.

Have a listen here and see what you think:

Cosmo Jarvis – Sure As Hell Not Jesus by Two Tap Digital

The accompanying video, expected around Easter, is equally promising, and you can check out a sneak peek behind the scenes below: