Crack in the Road

This week saw the announcement of Friendly Fires second album “Pala” to be released in May through XL Recordings. Trailing the album release is their comeback single “Live Those Days Tonight” and it is a beauty of a record to return with.

Eschewing the po-faced seriousness that blights many bands comebacks after a hugely successful debut. “Live Those days..” is a continuation of the bright, club influenced pop that characterized their debut. A hook filled paean to club culture, going out and living for the moment it brims with excitement and vibrancy.

All manner of sounds and instruments create a heady cocktail of peerless dance pop which is highly percussive and, more importantly, highly danceable. Friendly Fires are the sound of summer 2011, expect to hear this everywhere.

Friendly Fires – Live Those Days Tonight by ListenBeforeYouBuy