Crack in the Road

Photo: Victoria Kanaris

Delighted to be unveiling the first offering from SPAER, a new project from Brooklyn’s Peter Spears of psych outfit Psymon Spine.

 Releasing his debut LP through Axis Mundi Records on 13 April, which features a whole host of collaborations, For You is a tantalising taste of what’s in store; choppy hip-hop inspired beats combine effortlessly with colourful, lively melodies with scintillating results.

An at times knowingly challenging experience, the accompanying visuals fit expertly with their off-kilter, purposefully imperfect nature; in his own words, SPAER “attempted to make a stop motion video for the song and found that the editing mistakes looked better than the rest”. Comparison wise, Animal Collective springs to mind, as does Cerulean, the debut LP from Baths, yet SPAER manages to come across as existing entirely within a field of its own.

Check out For You below or via other services here.