Crack in the Road

Grace Lightman’s first release on Handsome Dad Records Fangs is a super addictive bit horror tinged funk-pop.

Initially it might be hard to look beyong Lana Del Rey comparisons with Grace’ voice and the verses instrumentation sharing a similarly aged and etherial aesthetic. These vintage elements add wonderfully to the eeriness that flows through the track whether it’s with the occasional ghostly echo on Grace’ vocals or the layered textures of synths tones that vary between theremin and organ like. The choice of percussion and bass is what gives the song its immense funk with the rhythm section truly driving the track in the early stages and making the development of the song feel even more dynamic. Grace also shows a keen ear for song writing with the chorus successfully releasing the tension of the verses and adding to the tracks numerous dimensions. Fangs is a very easy song to fall in love with especially for any fans of more alternative pop.