Crack in the Road

Fresh Sub Pop signee Jesca Hoop delivers her most complete project to date in her latest release Memories Are Now.

 The album features a diverse range of beautiful tracks showing off Jesca’s now refined ability as a songwriter, from the ethereal title track Memories Are Now, to the more dense deep cuts like Cut Connection. Cut Connection opens similarly to many other songs off the album; Jesca’s vocals sitting above a skeletal rhythm created by (what sounds like) clashing wood and a distorted root note guitar progression. However, the songs chorus introduces a yelped refrain echoing slightly amongst a brighter melodic guitar and a fierce distorted bass that pulses heavily but low in the mix. This more intense change of tone leads to a dramatic build up later in the song that pay offs incredibly with a crashing group of haunting layered vocals and eerie guitar riffs. Sitting in the middle of the project Cut Connection shakes up the previously friendly nature of the Memories Are now. A brooding highlight in a stellar 4th album from Jesca Hoop.