Burial, South London’s mercurial producer, returns with his latest Young Death/NightMarket EP.

The project will come as little surprise sonically to fans of the elusive electronic maestro delivering two more dark and ambient compositions to his already stellar back catalogue. The opening track, Young Death, is classic Burial, with solemn and misty production being broken up by hopeful and optimistic pitched up vocal phrases such as “I will always be there for you” and “Don’t cry”. The piece sounds akin to  computer generated gospel of a dystopian age as soulful back background vocals rise through the production and bright sequenced synths subtly glow through the often claustrobic soundscape. The songs breakdown to almost half tempo just after four minutes in creates a belated sense of tension as the now drained vocal samples hopeful lines of promises are shifted and questioned by eerie background vocals and a more bare and spacious instrumental. A must listen for fans of Burial and electronic music alike.