Crack in the Road

After bubbling under the surface for the past few months, Alex Vargas has returned in 2016 with a real impact.

Today we premiere his track ‘Ashes’, taken from his new EP ‘Giving Up The Ghost’ which is due out via Copenhagen Records/Locomotion Entertainment on the 22nd January.

A real slow burner, ‘Ashes’ begins with a longing guitar line before Vargas’ vocals enter with a sudden ferocity. Continuing the build, the track climaxes in a series of percussive rises and a repetitive plea from Vargas himself in his line ‘tell me when the love runs out’.

In addition to ‘Ashes’ another EP track entitled ‘Shackled Up’ has been revealed, which itself is an undeniably anthemic piece of pop music. Employing a similar level of production prowess and strong songwriting, these tracks demonstrate this new EP marks a very strong start to year for Vargas.