Crack in the Road

About three years I stumbled across a band out of nowhere.

CitR was a very different beast back then – far less industry vultures crawling over the pages for one. The band picked up a bit more exposure across a few more blogs, but nothing like they would have done if they’d emerged now. Anyway, having disappeared almost completely for three years, and aside from a handful of solo projects emerging from various members, there was little tangible trace of shy kids – until today.

Lofty!, their debut album uploaded on Soundcloud (and Spotify and Bandcamp) earlier today is a collection of kaleidoscopic, perfectly formed indie pop numbers. There’s moments that hint at the stark beauty of Perfume Genius, sparkling production reminiscent of Alt-J and still a touch of Vampire Weekend – the comparison that was placed so easily upon their three track debut EP from 2012(!). Despite only being two listens in, I can already tell this is going to be one of my favourite records of the year.

Check out a couple of tracks below, and the full album underneath that.