Crack in the Road

Following on from their majorly successful debut show earlier this month, which over 300 people turned up to, London outfit The Vaccines are preparing the launch of their first single, the double A side Wreckin’ Bar (Ra Ra Ra)/ Blow It Up. With the combined length of the two tracks coming in at little over four minutes, they appear to be aiming to capture the essence of 60s inspired indie pop.

After taking a listen to Do You Wanna; the only song made previous available by the group, I was somewhat underwhelmed. Their blend of Pet Sounds pop with chillwave influenced guitars sounded all too familiar, however this new single from The Vaccines is a vast improvement. Wreckin’ Bar is a Ramones inspired beauty, coming in at under a minute and a half; fresh, exciting and a fantastic introduction to a band with a bright future. Whereas Blow It Up is a more atmospheric affair, less out there rock, more melodic pop harmonies, not too far from the sound recently re-pioneered by The Drums. Watch out 2011, looks like The Vaccines are set to dominate the coming year.

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