Crack in the Road

The music of James Blake is fairly distinct; heavy bass, delicate Rn’B samples and gentle pops and clicks form the work of this talented London producer. His last record the CMYK EP was a perfect example of this; sparse yet dramatically groove filled, the EP was pretty much loved by anyone who listened to it.

Blake’s latest record, the Klavierwerke EP takes these sounds and runs with them in a truly inspirational and brave new direction. What makes the record happens not to be the title tune at all, since its release last week “I Only Know (What I Know Now)” has been receiving all the attention and its not hard to hear why. Made using only 6 sounds; a bass drum, the fragment of a cymbal, one somber piano chord, and a couple of voices, the tune is utterly wonderful in its simplicity and utterly inspiring in its found complexity. So here it is, enjoy.

I Only Know What I Know Now- James Blake by Anorak London