Crack in the Road

A belated Happy New Year to music fans everywhere.

And what more reason do you need for it to be a happy start to the year than Herzel’s Daydreamer, one part of the forthcoming Shades EP due to be released by Barcelona’s very own Hivern Discs. John Talabot’s label will front its opening record of 2015 (it’ll comprise five parts) with this five-minute, punchy piece by the Macedonian.

Herzel delivers a house track with both subtlety and drive here. Daydreamer‘s layered percussion goes some way to help raise and elevate the mood of the piece and maintain its interlinking structure, with some of its ambient tones and textures lending a much-needed sense of buoyancy to an otherwise quite direct several minutes of electronica. Indeed, considering its title, the song does have a strange, unexpected feeling of purpose and forward movement about it. The full Shades EP was made available on February 16th, so wrap your ears around this slice of the record and see what you think…