Crack in the Road



To say I’m hyped about this track is an understatement.

Heems, a member of the now defunct Das Racist, has just put out the excellent ‘New York’, an outtake from his upcoming album Eat Pray Thug.

The track begins with a scat-esque (the singing style, nothing to do with faeces) female vocal sample and finds Heems in fine form.

Displaying his usual verbosity, Heems manages to be both irreverent and insightful. The beat, produced by Heems himself, Patrick Wimberly of Chairlift fame and Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, builds with swelling bass sounds, completed with a middle-finger of a hook.

You can find the link to the original song on Heems’ tumblr and give it a listen below.

If ‘New York’ didn’t make it on Eat Pray Thug because it wasn’t good enough, we’re in for a huge treat when the album drops.