Crack in the Road

Few days late on this one which, given our past track record with Burial releases, is a poor show.

But it’s hardly surprising. Lambeth has been floating around for a fair few years now, after it was spun by Kode9 on Benji B’s show in 2009 and was expected for release shortly after. Therefore, it was easy to overlook it as being the same radio rip that many people have had spinning for five years.

Its release now, as part of Hyperdub’s 4th and final birthday compilation of the year, is fitting: the compilation is a celebration of the “core” sounds that have characterised Hyperdub’s work, particularly garage, house and techno. It also ties in with the statement we received from the man himself earlier this yearI want to go and find some old tunes I did that still sound alright and never came out’.

It’s a bit of a shame, then, that the track itself is more of a curiosity than anything. Off the back of last year’s sprawling and emotionally hard-hitting Rival Dealer, it serves more to remind us just how far Burial’s sound has developed since his Untrue days.

Similarly, out of the many bootleg and radio ripped tracks floating around, Lambeth was never the one that got most pulses racing (fans of True Love VIP or Archeron, keep the faith, your day may still come).

Don’t be mistaken, it’s a solid, straightforward 2-Step cut and it’s great that the completed version finally reached the light of day – but Come Down to Us 2014 this is not.

Pick up Hyperdub 10.4 here.