Crack in the Road

Looking back at my writing, there’s a real noticeable trend going on. I seem to never shut up about the sun and summer and have even acknowledged this in the past. Yet here I am again, about to bash on about how lovely and summery something is. A psychologist would probably attribute this to my longing for some rays and the lack of it here in Glasgow…

Anyway, L.A based Wunder Wunder have just released new visuals for their track Hail The Madmen and it serves as the perfect cure for my vitamin D deficiency. The song itself, while not being my favourite of theirs, is a jumping sun drenched jam, full of popping rhythm and chirping instrumentation. And the video? Well the video is some sort of crazed apocalyptic scene on the beach, depicting people and fish flying all over the place as people run and scream. Sharknado anyone?    

Watch the visuals above (Which premiered on Under the Radar) and check out their debut album, which is out now via Dovecote.