Crack in the Road

We’re getting seriously excited about Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks over at CitR. The newest project from the Animal Collective stalwart is shaping up to be a classic. His latest release from his upcoming album Enter The Slasher House is ‘Strange Colores’ and, honestly, it’s awesome.

The track is reminiscent of a less frantic cut from Centipede Hz., it has a disco-esque backing track, complete with synth stabs that border on the discordant. Avey’s vocal line is in that typical Animal Collective fashion where it is both familiar and fresh, hypnotically worming itself into your head and refusing to let go.

The video, directed by Olivia Wyatt, is an explosion of kaleidoscopic psychedelia. There are jump cuts between close-up shots of lights and the band playing, creating a restless atmosphere that reflects the shuffling intensity of ‘Strange Colores’.

Enter The Slasher House is out on 8th April on Domino Records and the video is above.