Crack in the Road

2014 is shaping up to a be a bumper year for already established bands.

This time round, it’s La Sera’s turn to get me all hot-and-heavy in anticipation. Following shortly after the announcement that Katy Goodman is releasing a new album, Hour Of The Dawn, she has dropped its first single, ‘Losing To The Dark.’

While her previous two albums were stepped in melancholy and slow tempos, this latest song finds the singer in a more upbeat mood that’s similar to her work with the Vivian Girls. Still, all the elements that make La Sera such an enjoyable listen are present. The harmonies are tight, the lyrics incisive and the vocals as bittersweet as ever.

You can stream ‘Losing To The Dark’ below and start counting down the days until La Sera releases her third album. Mark May 13th on your calendars people.