Crack in the Road

A year is a long time to wait for new music, but Liverpool’s Ninetails might just have gotten away with it.

‘Radiant Hex’, the opening track on the band’s upcoming EP Quiet Confidence, is a slight shift in direction – nothing drastic or cataclysmic, but the guitar work that was ever-present on their last release, Slept and Did Not Sleep, has taken the back seat here, replaced instead by Burial-esque synths’n’samples. It’s a brave change to make – and runs the risk of being enveloped by unoriginality – but that is a fear that is quickly diminished – it’s a masterful track, and the presence of some brass sampling and fantastic vocal work adds some welcome colour to proceedings. The second half of the track, in particular, is as familiar as it is exciting.

Quiet Confidence is out in March. It’s probably going to be quite good.