For a band to be entirely instrumental is a rarity these days, so to discover a group that can fuse elegant classical sections with soaring, epic compositions to create masterful, enchanting soundscapes is quite a diamond in the rough. Over six months in the making, We Can Create Our Own World is the majestic debut from Pennsylvanian ambient post-rock five piece Deadhorse. Combining a masterful knowledge of classical composition, with haunting, progressive melodies, the album is an accomplished work of art.

Album opener No Particular Night Or Morning opens with a simple yet effective piano riff, before condescending majestically into an atmospheric, organized chaos. Scintillating guitars compliment the powerful, commanding percussion, building layer after layer of sound which intertwine to form a beautiful, epic soundscape. No lyrics are needed to convey the dynamic, exquisite energy injected into each track.

Questions For Which There Are No Answers is a slow burning number, however once the piercing guitars kick in, the track steps up a notch, and forcefully grabs the listener by the scruff of the neck, tossing them around mercilessly, before planting them back down on their feet, feeling all the more re-invigorated for it. Elsewhere, Visionaries is an epic percussion lead track, with the drums guiding the rest of the instruments through the tumultuous depths of their sound capabilities. For a band to be able to conjure up such a fascinating and varied sound is a rare and admirable quality, there is a real sense of yearning after perfection on an Explosion in the Sky sort of level. By all means, the record is a challenging yet pulsating listen, driving the audience through a vast array of emotional highs and lows, moving from being viciously threatening to delicately angelic, a true sign of a brilliant post-rock record.

We Can Create Our Own World is out now, available from the Deadhorse bandcamp site, as either digital download or a physical CD, also be sure to check out their merchandise for some fantastic t-shirts! Visit Crack in the Road tomorrow for an interview with the band, discussing influences, touring and the recording process of the record.

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