German label Denovali Records have pulled together a varied and impressive two-hour compilation that provides a convenient, cherry-picked round-up of their 2013 output, alongside some interesting glimpses of the things they have in store for 2014.

The sampler contains works that range from instrumental, to ambient, to drone, and several other branches of electronica. Highlights include: Piano Interrupted’s ‘Cross Hands’; Witxes’s ‘The Pilgrim’; Ensemble Economique’s ‘Radiate Through Me’; John Lemke’s ‘Walizka’; and Frederico Albanese’s ‘Queen and Wonder’ – though the quality is of such a high standard throughout that picking highlights wouldn’t be doing Nordic Lake Sounds Vol.V justice.

Interestingly, the compilation also serves as a plug for their upcoming annual Swingfest, with the 2014 edition of the festival featuring several of the artists showcased here. The festival itself is an interesting experimental music and visual arts festival that is meant to represent the label’s belief in the providing equal opportunity for performing acts – in other words, they done got rid of them there headliners.

You can find more details about Swingfest here, and check out the compilation below.

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