Crack in the Road

Just as I thought all had gone quiet from the elusive Canadian, Alden Penner has released a magical new EP with the promise of a new album and tour dates in the new year.

Precession draws influences from a ton of Alden’s previous projects. Tracks combine the orchestral genius of Clues with the classical guitar of The Hidden Words, all with a dash of Unicornesque lo-fi thrown in. Alden’s stand out lyrics and hermaphroditic vocals reign supreme with their ethereal quality adding to the EP’s spiritual feeling.

Stream Precession in its entirety below or pick up a digital copy over at bandcamp.

Just as The Hidden Words was a direct reference and tribute to the sacred texts of the Bahá’í Faith (of which Alden is believed to be a follower), it seems Precession refers to the Bahá’í Faith’s solar calendar. The precession of the equinox is an astrological observation of the Earth’s axis rotating like a spinning top in a 25,700 year cycle. Pretty sure there’s a ton more to it than that but:


B. This is a blog post not a sermon

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