Crack in the Road

Okay, so “new” might be pushing it slightly here – Elsewhere, the latest from Insightful (arguably one of the Soulection label’s finest artists), was released a over a week ago.

But let’s ignore that. Focus, instead, on this utterly sublime album. Matthew Suggett’s intertwining of hip-hop beats and psychedelic synths is pretty much flawless, and it’s as engaging as it is chilled – which is no easy combination to achieve.

Guest vocals from singer-songwriter Kimberly Lola and Jessica Cooke stand out in particular (if you really must listen to only one track, make it the truly beautiful ‘She Swoons’), and inject a welcome amount of variety into the album. But Insightful shines on his own, too, as his top-notch production glues together the pieces that he brings together in his songwriting.

It’s available now, on a pay-what-you-want basis. It’s certainly worth a few quid.