Crack in the Road

Kwes’ full-length debut ‘ilp’ is due out October 15th via Warp, not long to go at all.

I’ve got to say, it’s going to be satisfying to finally hear what a Kwes – full body of work – will sound like. It’s been a long time coming. After 36, the album’s first leak, we now have cablecar – a meandering, highly experimental odyssey of psychN’B. Which despite my best intentions is likely never to be a thing.

Cablecar is the bleakest Kwes track so far, each of the track’s many facets almost seem like punctuations to the drone like ambience that existed before and after the track’s 8 minute duration. It’s at times feverish, at others reluctantly optimistic – but it always hangs with a consuming level of fragility.

Hit play below.

ilp Tracklist:

01. purplehands
02. 36
03. rollerblades
04. cablecar
05. flower
06. hives
07. broke
08. chagall
09. parakeet
10. b_shf_l