Crack in the Road

Perera Elsewhere, the new signing from Friends of Friends has finally gifted us with the second tune from her debut album, Everlast, due for release October 28.

Bizzare, her first single inspired a remix EP with 2 high-profile remixes from Kyson and Hype Williams, the latter of which was something truly special. Since then the London via Berlin producer/songwriter has been quietly prepping for the albums’ no doubt modest release.

Giddy, the new release featuring the now infamous LA artist Gonjasufi, displays the records’ potential, but also its’ deserving of far more attention than its getting. In essence, Giddy acts as a duet, yet through its sparse production traits manages to explore 2 frames of consciousness that seem tragically incompatible.

Perera Elsewhere adamantly explaims “I’m gonna find you in your blinders”, while Gonjasufi “when they ask for me, tell them I’ve been here/I’ll be there”. It finds poetry in a potential union, rather than a successful one.

At times, absolutely spell binding.