Crack in the Road

Sigur Rós dropped a new video today for Kveikur, the second single off their forthcoming album of the same name, and it’s a good ‘un.

All claustrophobic drones, screeches and static, it continues with the brutal and damaged aesthetic of first cut Brennistein – a track that made waves when it veered sharply away from the sound that the band spent over a decade carefully perfecting/falling back on. [Delete as appropriate]

Even though the shitty white iPod earphones I took to work today decided to make a muddy mess of everything, careful production goes some way to ensuring the track never caves in on itself. Jonsí’s strained, guttural vocals dip in and out of the sharp feedback and static, whilst the rhythm section stand their ground at the heart of the track, holding together rest of the noise.

All that’s left to see is whether the album, out 17th June, can keep things fresh for the whole duration of its runtime. If they can pull that off, they might be on to something special here.

Check out the video below, or head over to the page at XL to preorder the album.