Crack in the Road

3 Titans

Khali Jackon, Jorden Plaines and Dallas Ifill are 3 Titans, hailing from Brooklyn, they look barely old enough to tie their own shoelaces never mind release their own hip hop single; “College“. However, they have managed to do just that, and it’s a fantastic start to what will hopefully be a long and successful career for them. With the backing of the Menahan Street Band, 3 Titans deliver witty and intelligent lyrics, with a flow reminiscent of early 90’s hip hop.  It is extremely refreshing to hear the 11 year olds rap about their aspirations in further education, especially in the midst of all the bad press youngsters receive these days. Sure there’s no mentions of guns, bitches and bling, but why would there be? The innocence and optimism that comes across in the song is undeniably moving and is a fitting partner for the brilliant work of the Menahan Street Band, who fuse exciting baselines with raucous air horns. Whilst 3 Titans may be small in stature, they are living proof to De La Soul’s testimony that 3 is indeed the magic number.

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