I thought I had Lewis Roberts pegged once, the Koreless who wreathed his beats and blips in chopped-up vocals, layers of static, the splicer of sounds for beneath streetlights, the Koreless of 4D, of MTI, of Lost In Tokyo. I should’ve known. That How To Dress Well remix smashed up the template a treat, pitching Tom Krell low like Nina Simone and stripping Cold Nites of all its beats and drama. Only power left behind.

Sun, lead track from forthcoming EP Yugen, largely keeps drums off the table, too. Roberts has been working on his synths, that much is plain, looping little solar flares over a Vangelisy, orbital chord movement, building and building, turning the loops into the teasing semblance of a beat. When the stutter that opens Sun comes in again at 4:16, a bare, tripping memory of the lush vocal work that characterised early Koreless releases…Jesus. It all makes sense.

Because what does the Sun do, if not come up?

Preorder Yugen from Young Turks.