This voice.

People are gonna say Tom Waits, because he’s the first person they always say when it’s a voice like this. People are gonna say Isaac Brock, especially when they get their ears round the seasick chop-chop of the guitars on Jazz Funerals. People might say something like Matt Berninger, but I prefer Adam Turla.

There’s something about this voice, man. It’s rich and throaty, like coffee grounds down a garbage disposal, it’s masculine. But it’s singing about defeat. “Scatter my ashes by the coffee machine”, it sings, because Post War Glamour Girls know that we are drowning by inches in these small luxuries. “Hold me,” it sings, “I’m weak.”

Hold me. I’m weak.

Jazz Funerals b/w Johnny and Mary is out now via iLIKERECORDS.