Crack in the Road

This has been doing the rounds since making a surprise appearance at Coachella, before the Yeah Yeah Yeahs set on Friday.

It’s pretty surprising: a sub-two minute advertisement, shot on a camera phone, from an off angle at a festival, and it’s already racked up over 200,000 views (and a monkeys riding dogs remix…what?).

But this is Daft Punk, and we’ve waited 8 years since the last album (and some might argue 16 years since the last solid album), despite their profile having grown immensely in the interim years thanks to sell-out world tours.

Without wanting to extrapolate too much from 100 seconds of audio and an interview from the Daft Punk site, let’s just say that if this is an album of live instrumentation based 70s and 80s disco recorded with god damn Nile Rodgers then I’m A-OK with that.

May 21st can’t come soon enough, though.

Catch a better quality version of the advert, from SNL last night, below.