Crack in the Road

To kick off the US leg of his current world tour, Morrissey popped up on Letterman to debut a track off his upcoming.

Despite being touted by some publications as a new track, it’s Action is my middle name, a tune that’s been kicking around the live/bootleg circuit since….well, it was already around back when I still gave a shit about Morrissey.

If you’re of the camp that Morrissey has phoned it in since The Smiths // Vauxhall & I // birth // conception then this will do nothing to change your mind.  After all, it’s all there: the crooning, the (nowadays half-arsed) sexual metaphors, the nagging sense it’s become a bit club-singer-doing-glam-rock.

However, if you’re of the camp that he’s been good consistently // since his comeback // up until Years of Refusal, then there might be something here for you. I mean, it’s not disturbing the formula that’s kept his adoring fans entertained for decades and it definitely beats his last Letterman debut (the abysmal, screeching That’s How People Grow Up).

But then, Suedehead was 25 years ago and even You Are the Quarry is approaching a decade. It’d take a special kind of obsession to fall for the same formula, minus the riffs and genuine wit, in 2013.