Crack in the Road

The understated beauty of Slept And Did Not Sleep, the new EP from Liverpool-based four piece Ninetails, is startlingly apparent from the outset. The record’s opener, ‘Maybe We’, is a simple yet effective introduction (featuring a truly gorgeous repetitive guitar riff) and the remainder of the EP doesn’t fail to live up to that. ‘Body Clock’ and ‘Rawdon Fever’ in particular stand out – whilst the latter is a more typical (but no less brilliant) display of math rock-esque riffage, the former delves into the realm of the ambient, and it’s in this seamless melding of those two genres where Slept And Did Not Sleep truly shines. The 8-minute ‘Boxed In’ is a wonderful and hugely ambitious piece of experimental ambience, whilst ‘Mama Aniseed’ closes off the record on a high.

Give it a listen below for a whole £0.00, or buy it here. It’s the right thing to do, you know.