Crack in the Road

Hot on the coat tails of his recent show at the Sebright Arms, Kwes has returned in recorded form with his most sonically ambitious track to date. Rollerblades is finally a fully formed sonic output, with the skiffle like approach to sound still intact, Kwes then layers the whole thing in a think layer of hi-fi paint. The vocals are clearer, backing singers chirp In with sweet harmonies at relevant moments and in essence it’s a far more crystal piece of work. As always, each phase of the song sounds unrecognisable to the last, perhaps best expressed through the tracks synth-drone outro. Above all else, what’s most exciting is Kwes’ relentless, and almost always successful depiction of young love.

 “your eyes say to me, come rollerblade with me, I will show you the ropes, so hold tight and do not let go of me” – Just gorgeous.