Crack in the Road

Ever the fans of the theatrical, Yeasayer today launched their unique form of leak prevention – the “Pre-Emptive Self-Commissioned Yeasayer Vorstellung or Track Visualizer“. This internet-wide scavenger hunt for the unreleased tracks taken from upcoming album Fragrant World has, predictably, been solved rather quickly. Whilst half a dozen songs are still missing, four – ‘Blue Paper’, ‘No Bones’, ‘Reagan’s Skeleton’ and ‘Damaged Goods’ have already been found, and we’ve got them for you below. There’s nothing particularly surprising, and the Yeasayer hallmarks are all there, but the step away from pop and into the slightly more psychedelic should keep interest heightened whilst the rest of the tracks are hunted down.

UPDATE: the entire album is now up on YouTube. The playlist is below.

The album’s tracklisting is as follows:

1. Fingers Never Bleed
2. Longevity
3. Blue Paper
4. Henrietta
5. Devil and the Deed
6. No Bones
7. Reagan’s Skeleton
8. Demon Road
9. Damaged Goods
10. Folk Hero Schtick
11. Glass of the Microscope