Crack in the Road

From Friday: Eleven thirty PM on a Friday evening is hardly prime time to drop the exclusive first play of your new single, especially when several of the country’s largest musical festivals are taking place at this very moment, but hey, it’s Bloc Party, they can do what they want.

Scratch that last sentence, the questionable Friday evening premiere wasn’t intended, and was caused by a glitch in Amazon’s system, meaning that Octopus was mistakenly made available several days ahead of schedule, so if you managed to catch it before we took it down, congrats, if not, you can now check it out below.

Octopus is the first track to be taken from their upcoming fourth album, ingeniously titled Four out 21 August. Seemingly marking a return to Silent Alarm territory, with jagged guitar riffs and Kele’s distinctive vocals taking a leading role, it’s great to have them back. Released digitally tomorrow, then on a 7″ with exclusive b-side Straight Thru Cru on 13 August, alongside remixes from RAC and Koreless. Check it out below, and the tracklisting for Four below that.

Four Tracklist:
01. So He Begins To Lie
02. 3X3
03. Octopus
04. Real Talk
05. Kettling
06. Day 4
07. Coliseum
08. V.A.L.I.S.
09. Team A
10. Truth
11. The Healing
12. We’re Not Good People