Crack in the Road

The name Coco Sumner may not mean anything to high percentage of music fans yet when they find out that Coco, or I Blame Coco as her stage persona goes, is the daughter of famed Geordie AOR legend Sting it may fill them with a sense of dread that her music is going to be similar bland, tedious, drivel to that which her father has peddled for years. Fear not however as “Self Machine” Coco’s major label debut and the record prescribed by both the label and the modern music hype machine to be “The Hit” is a fine piece of modern vibrant electro pop.

Boasting a distinctive voice and a keen ear for a memorable hook “Self Machine” fulfils its duty as a summer pop hit and promises that Coco Sumner’s career can take on an infinitely more interesting path than that or her more famous father.