Crack in the Road

So, that awesome Canadian indie-rock group (no, not that one) have dropped a couple of tracks from their upcoming LP. Wintersleep‘s fifth album, Hello Hum, is released on 12th June and if these two songs are anything to go by, it won’t exactly be alienating any fans. Paul Murphy’s haunting vocals (a particular highlight on their stupendous 2007 album, Welcome to the Night Sky) are as strong as ever, as is the sort of drumming that you’d come to expect from a band founded by a percussionist. ‘In Came The Flood’ in particular is right in Wintersleep‘s comfort zone whilst ‘Resuscitate’ adds just a twinge of something new to their already nicely developed sound.

Check out the tracks below, and get the album on release in June – it’s bound to be a great one.