New: xxyyxx – xxyyxx

XXYYXX has been getting an increasing amount of coverage on the pages of CitR lately. As well as still being confused as to how to say his same, frankly I’m also perplexed as to why I love his music so much. On the surface it’s everything I’ve heard before; his music sits comfortably nestled between, Jaar, Blake and Salem, yet every track has something that sounds boldly different.

His sophomore LP is perhaps his most accomplished yet. The jams slowly seep into ones consciousness, swirling the brain with druggy and off kilter textures, the melodies avoiding the obvious while still being catchy enough to push a groove. There are points where the sampling is slightly unadvised, with XXYYXX picking snippets of songs that detract from the otherworldly quality of his work simply because they’ve been used by others to death, yet regardless, it’s a engrossing and at times moving thing to listen to.

Check out my highlights below and grab the whole thing here.