Crack in the Road

I’m pretty undecided about this new track from Australian pop group The Temper Trap.

It’s unashamedly Springsteen-esque, with it’s soaring chorus and pronounced vocals; a song built for stadiums if I’ve ever heard one. Lyrically it’s not up too much, but hey, it’s relatively enjoyable, and I know if I had this blaring at a festival, it’d be irresistible to dance to. Need Your Love is the first single to be taken from their self-titled sophomore record out 21 May. Check it out below, and the tracklisting below that.

Need Your Love
London’s Burning
Trembling Hands
The Sea Is Calling
This Isn’t Happiness
Where Do We Go From Here
Never Again
Rabbit Hole
I’m Gonna Wait
Leaving Heartbreak Hotel