Crack in the Road

A nice soulful pop single from New York’s Sinkane was released today via his Bandcamp – and it’s a lovely little single at that.

The singer-songwriter has performed as a drummer for Of Montreal, Caribou, and most recently, Yeasayer. He’s new to the whole solo thing, but an album is imminent – from this track alone you can get an idea of the simple but expansive sound he’s going for.

Not as campy as Yeasayer‘s recent output, I dare say, but still quite friendly. The best thing about this single is Dan Snaith, also known as the genius behind Caribou, under his electronic moniker Daphni, has done a drawn-out electrified remix. Similar to his edit of Orchestra Of Sphere‘s track last year, Snaith ‘goes lite’ on the track – modestly tossing it onto the dancefloor with not too much fuss and flair. I make it sound bad by saying that – if you know Snaith’s recent work, you’ll know how incredible it’s been (I don’t even need to mention Caribou‘s Swim and his Radiohead remix).

Both the original of this track and the Daphni mix are both a nice surprise. You can download the EP for ‘name your price’ over at Bandcamp below. Be sure to keep an eye out for Sinkane‘s debut album, and whatever Daphni has next up his sleeve!

Hear and/or download Runnin’ below, with remixes by Daphni and Chandeliers.