Crack in the Road

As I’ve said before, this is a big year for Nottingham-cum-Manchester producer Matt Cutler (aka Lone).

I’ve been following his career ever since discovering his excellent 2008 album Lemurian – since then, he has released two singles (Joy Reel, Once In A While) and an album (Ecstasy & Friends) on Actress‘ Werk Discs imprint, one single (Pineapple Crush) and a mini-album (Emerald Fantasy Tracks) on his own label Magic Wire Recordings, and more recently, got signed by Belgium’s legendary R&S Records, signified with the release of his Echolocations EP. In and around all that, he’s pushed out collaborations (Kids In Tracksuits, Kona Triangle), snuck out some more tracks here and there on Amsterdam’s Dekmantel, Manchester’s Hoya:Hoya, and Boys Noize‘s Boysnoize Records, and remixed everyone – namely Tensnake, Underworld, BibioChilly Gonzales, Friendly Fires, Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, The Count & Sinden, CitR favourites Solar Bears, and of course, Radiohead.

Having said that, he’s still got a lot of steam left in him – his adventures with R&S continue, this year starting with new single Crystal Caverns 1991, due out on 26th March (backed with B-side Vulcan Mill Acid). This being the first single for his forthcoming album Galaxy Garden (due 30th April), it shows a lot of promise. The familiarity of Lone productions is there (distorted melodies, incessant drums) is throw up in the air by the use of a playful rave element only teased with before. Harking back to the ’90’s (not so subtly, considering the track’s title), his music still manages to retain the exotic nostalgia he’s expressed in the past, but with a similar bite to his peer Rustie – in fact, I’m hoping this album will build on the excitement and innovation set up by last year’s Glass Swords.

R&S may be offering a lot from their newest roster – new singles from James Blake and Bullion, and another soon from Pariah – but Lone looks to be their biggest bet yet. Galaxy Garden will feature vocal spots from both Machinedrum and recent Planet Mu go-to Anneka, but this is the titular character’s solo time. The man is simply killing it.

Check new Lone single Crystal Caverns 1991 below.