Crack in the Road

With his debut track Far Away gracing the internet little over two weeks ago, Kansas City’s Soft Lighting, the side-project of Bryan Cox (also of New Savages) is beginning to forge a name for himself. Having been Introduced by myself a fortnight ago, Far Away also appeared on acclaimed music blog Lost Lost Lost on Saturday, as well as featuring on several other prominent music websites.

Whilst his music may have created a stir, there’s little information available on Bryan Cox, so we jumped at the opportunity to get a few questions answered. Bryan also gave us the exclusive first play of the new Soft Lighting track; the gloriously upbeat Forever. Reverb-heavy vocals and languid synths transform this track into a brilliantly vibrant, chillwave inspired number, perfectly fitted to the trippy, cartoon filled video. Check out our short interview below, as well as the premiere of Forever.

Crack in the Road: How did Soft Lighting come about, and is it a solo venture, or are there others involved?

It’s my solo work. It kinda came about in between other projects. I was busy with the band I’m in, New Savages and helping produce local music etc. Every once in a while I would have a break and work on a song that was kinda just for myself. After a while I realized I had about an album worth of material so I figured I ought to give it a name and put it out there.

CitR: The influences on your debut track Far Away seem quite prominent, with ‘chillwave’ being a word used quite a bit. What would you describe as the main influences behind Soft Lighting, musically and otherwise?

Since the songs were recorded over the course of a few years, there is actually a pretty diverse range of influences. Everything from Italo Disco and 80s film soundtracks to newer stuff like Teeel, Casa del Mirto and Washed Out. Anything with a groove really. I also really like all the Beer On The Rug releases because they’re this funny 80s/90s kitsch thing but really experimental and strung out at the same time.

CitR: What are your plans for Soft Lighting over the coming months?

I’m super excited because it looks like Synthemesc Recordings is going to release the album. The entire album will be available digitally soon. I’m also collaborating with an awesome artist, Anna Spence on a series of videos for each song. So we will put those out as we finish them.

Soft Lighting – Forever from Soft Lighting on Vimeo.

CitR: Were you surprised at the hugely positive reaction to your debut track?

Yes definitely. It’s funny because I actually had initially only put up the demo version of Far Away just to be able to create the bandcamp and start playing around with the design and stuff. I didn’t even intend to “release” it or anything yet, but somehow someone found it and because of word of mouth and awesome blogs like Crack In The Road, its caught on.

CitR: How much do you think your surroundings have affected your sound?

There’s not much of an electronic scene in Kansas City. Or maybe there is and I’m just not cool enough to know about it haha. I guess I just surround myself with a few really good friends that are either artists or art lovers. They are my inspiration.

CitR: And finally… if you could have any super power, what would it be?

Super sonic hearing.