Crack in the Road

It may be just something in the air but in the world of lo-fi indie pop sweet music making couples are in vogue. While the UK has Summer Camp fronted by Jeremy Warmsley and his partner Elizabeth Sankey, over in Denver Colorado the US have husband and wife duo Tennis. Tennis comprise of Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore and make similar lilting swoon some indie pop. The lo-fi production is evident as the music crackles and scratches against the sweet vocals of Moore but this specific track Marathon is really quite glorious coming across like The Supremes crossed with The Vivian Girls. Not too much is known about this duo and not too much music is available yet but they certainly show great potential.
Clearly in 2010 the unfashionable virtue of monogamy is very much in evidence in terms of making great music, judging by the sound of Tennis this is entirely a good thing.

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